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Official Tag Application Format & Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING/REPLYING Empty Official Tag Application Format & Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING/REPLYING

on Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:49 pm
This tag will be only given to the respected and worthy members of the World Slamin War server under strict requirements (Scroll Down).
This is not just an ordinary clan tag, this represents who we are and what was built in 4+ years!
Any member under this tag would be representing the server and its respect towards its honest and respectful players.

This board is an application board. If you are interested and fit the specific the requirements feel free to apply for your own tag.

A minimum of two admins to support your application.
A minimum of 6 months spent in the community.
The tagged account shouldn't have been issued a ban.
Board Rules/Regulations.
Anyone has the rights to post a comment on an applications avoiding abusive language.
You are NOT allowed to flame/offend and/or use offensive language in the applications/replies.
You are NOT allowed to post for applications if you haven't reached the minimum requirements yet.
If an application reaches a total of 3 downturns from admins it will be denied (with valid reasons).
If your tag/application got revoked/denied, you may re-apply after 2 weeks.
You are - obviously - NOT allowed to promote your application elsewhere or even personally ask for support.

Application Format.
Current game nick:
How long have you been a part of the server:
Time spent on the server daily:
List of the previous names you have used:
Why do you want the tag: (minimum of 4 lines)
If accepted, what will be your name with the [WsW] tag?
What can you do as a member to help people:
A (VALID) Picture of your /stats:
Other comments:

Reasons To Get The Tag Revoked.
You got banned from the server with a valid reason.
You are caught provoking/flaming/disrespecting other players.
You are caught breaking the forum rules and/or you reached 50% warning level on the forum.
Thank you.
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