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	 Board Rules & Appeal Format - READ BEFORE POSTING! Empty Board Rules & Appeal Format - READ BEFORE POSTING!

on Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:49 pm
If you are not banned from the server/forum you are not allowed to post here.

If you have connected to the server and got the "You are banned from this server":
- Quit the server and try to connect multiple of times.
- Your IP has been permanently banned as you may appeal.

If you have connected to the server and got this message:
- Bans are automatically lifted when the date ends (expires).
- If you were banned for cheating, hacking or by the anticheat you cannot appeal your ban.
- If your IP was banned for the same above reasons you cannot appeal the ban.
- If you were banned for another reason, feel free to thread a new topic following the prescribed format and the specific board rules.

If you have connected to the server and got the "Your ISP is been banned from this server due to abuse" message:
- If you think you are completely innocent and you have got this message by mistake, feel free to appeal the case.
- You're ISP has been banned for a reason.

Stick to the following format while appealing:
Failure to do so will result in an immediate lock and/or a forum warning.
In-Game Name:
Ban reason:
By who? (Admin | Anti-cheat)
Pictures / Videos:
Why should you be unbanned?
Other comments:

Specific board rules/regulations:
This board is strictly moderated. Which means, failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate warning and/or a ban.

- You cannot reply to threads unless you created the thread yourself or you have some useful information to add.
- Don't bump your threads, it's just not needed.
- Do not PM admins about your ban appeal, either in game or on forums.
- Be patient! Admins will always check everyone's appeal, do not spam, wait for admins to reply before you double post.
- Once banned, you are not allowed to evade the ban, if you believe its a mistake feel free to appeal.
- One ban appeal is enough, do not recreate threads unnecessarily.
- If you genuinely want to get unbanned, don't wait for a month to make an appeal, do it as soon as possible (1 week at a max).
- Please note that you are responsible for your internet connection, we don't care if it is your brother, friend, cat or dog who got banned. If its valid you should wait until it expires.

Thank you.
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