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Jimmy Conner Admin Application

on Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:15 pm
- Game nick:Jimmy_Conner
- Your IRC nickname (must be registered):Awais((IRL NAME))
- Your Country:Pakistan
- Your Language(s):English
- Your Current Age:16
- How long have you been part of WSW? (including the past community):1day,Yet
- Why are you interested in being part of the staff team?:I'm a very experienced player in the community and I know almost everything here. my usual job is to help people in newbies chat. I'm also supposed to show players how things work practically when they are unable to being an admin, i'll tend to be even more active and in the newbies a result, i'd always be there to help people do any job and show them how to do any job. i wouldn't mind going to the newbies and teaching them all about it instead of just saying " write /help for more.Most of the people out there want to become admins just to type that /ban cmd. The way I see things, becoming an administrator means acquiring responsibilities and duties and doing them honestly. These involve busting hackers, helping players at all times, Keeping peace in the server and popularizing it
I want to join the staff team because i wanna help players if someone need help i am always ready to help him.If someone try to hack the server i will ban him.So i think me jimmy conner should get the oppertunity to become an administrator.thankyou
- Why should we accept you?:Hmm...I will Help The staff team.I will be active.I will help players if they need.I will invite players how much i can.Hmm...I will Help in Mapping Also.
- Your past admin experience(s)? (if there is) - and on what server(s)?; Co-owner in New Generation Roleplay
Executive Admin in Exotic Roleplay
Head Admin in Good  Life Roleplay
Senior Admin in New Life Roleplay
Junior Admin in Insecure Network Roleplay.
- Screenshot of your /stats:((N/A )
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on Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:36 pm
your application is noted now come in server i give u moderator level 2
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Re: Jimmy Conner Admin Application

on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:47 pm
Nice application brother
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Re: Jimmy Conner Admin Application

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