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[READ FIRST] Board Rules/Application Format Empty [READ FIRST] Board Rules/Application Format

on Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:59 pm
I have decided to reopen the staff applications since we are looking for admins. The application rating does not add to your chance in getting admin, the application is there only to help introduce you to the current team.


- You are not allowed to apply for the stats if you have been banned before.
- Your application will automatically be denied if you have been caught breaking the rules.
- No swearing, racism or flaming in application votes. General forum rules apply.


- Game nick:
- Your discord nickname (must be registered):
- Your Country:
- Your Language(s):
- Your Current Age:
- How long have you been part of WSW? (including the past community):
- Why are you interested in being part of the staff team?:
- Why should we accept you?:
- Your past admin experience(s)? (if there is) - and on what server(s)?
- Screenshot of your /stats:

Thank you.
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[READ FIRST] Board Rules/Application Format Empty Re: [READ FIRST] Board Rules/Application Format

on Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:21 am
-If you are denied one time so you are NOT allowed to post again!
-If we found out any one bumping or spamming again and again that application will be denied and that user will be banned from forum.
-no need to use "PLEASE" or other words make application in a proper way.

WSW staff
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