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[IMPORTANT] Forum Rules. Empty [IMPORTANT] Forum Rules.

on Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:44 am
You're not allowed to create useless threads (e.x: Killed Player 123).
You're to choose informative tittles for your thread.
You've to follow every section's rules if you're apply for staff making a suggestion or making an UnBan appeal otherwise We won't give attention for this thread.
You're not allowed to Bump the Old topics.
You're not allowed to post in Bug Reports, Complaints and Ban appeal Section without having useful information to add.
You're not allowed to insult anyone on forums.
Don't use bad words Or you'll be punished.
You're not allowed to create two accounts on forums if you've been caught these accounts will be Removed or banned.
You're not allowed to create two thread for the same reason.
You're not allowed to PM any administrator to check any thing Such as Complaint, Ban appeal, Staff application,... etc.
Don't share anyone's private information without his permission.
Don't Share your Private information with anyone that you don't know.
No Racism or any other forms of discrimination, including hate speech or provocative comments towards ethnics, nations, gender or sexual orientation or religion.
You've to post every thread in the right section or we won't give attention.
Don't PM anyone with bad/ abusive words or you'll get a ban.
If you break any rules you'll get a banned on forum.

Don't break forum rules.
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