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Akarian Staff Application Empty Akarian Staff Application

on Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:25 am
- Game nick: Akarian[WsW]
- Your discord nickname (must be registered): Akarian
- Your Country: Argentina
- Your Language(s): Spanish and English
- Your Current Age: 17
- How long have you been part of WSW? (including the past community): 1 week ago, my friend Shane invited me.
- Why are you interested in being part of the staff team?: Well, WsW has become part of my daily life, Hence i would like to make it an enjoyable place.
Furthermore, i'll exploit this power to aid players and make them aware of rules and last happenings.
I want to join the staff mainly to bust cheaters, punish rulebreakers and enforce rules. I know that is not an easy task, but with admin's power and the help coming from the staff team, I believe I'll be able to fulfill this duty.
Also, I will take advantage of my experience and knowledge about various hacks.
I may not ensure you that i can take care of all rulebreakers.
I clearly know that being an admin is not that easy according to administrator's duties, However I will do my best to prove my merit of being part of the staff team.
- Why should we accept you?: I am frequently online in the server as well in I am aware of all rules, experienced and mature player also respectful to all members of the community without exceptions. I have great knowledge about cheats, bugs etc...
I'll be loyal to the community as long as i am here.
- Your past admin experience(s)? (if there is) - and on what server(s)? MegaXtreme Freeroam [Spanish-English] 0.3.7
- Screenshot of your /stats:

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Akarian Staff Application Empty Re: Akarian Staff Application

on Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:49 pm
Hired as Moderator.

~WsW Management.
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Akarian Staff Application Empty Re: Akarian Staff Application

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