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Apply for your own sub-forum! Empty Apply for your own sub-forum!

on Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:16 pm

I know that you all hate single clan threads that you have to do everything on. I decided to give popular clans their own boards today! Please apply below if you are interested in having your own clan board, make sure you meet the requirements.

- Clan's age of 3 months+
- Clan's members more than 10.
- Clan's manager is a trusted person who have done nothing bad to the community.

- Clan's Manager(s) (linked):
- Clan thread link:
- Clan's member count:
- Will you ever close the clan? (for any reason):
- Who manages the clan? (linked):
- Who do you need a sub board?:

- Forum's rules apply on the sub boards too.
- You are free to do anything you see fit in your clan board.
- You are not allowed to spam, delete, or modify user's threads or posts without their permission.
- You are not allowed to give moderation access to anyone not in the clan!
- We have the rights to remove the sub board and all of its content whenever we want to. Abide by the above rules and you should be fine.
- Use common sense, and your brain.
- If a clan had a sub-forum and it was disabled (for any reason), you are not allowed to request another one.
- We have the right to deny your request for any reason we see fit.

Please avoid replying to this thread if you are not willing to apply. Stick to the above format, rules, and requirements when applying.

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