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 Game Rules - What to abide by? What not to? Empty Game Rules - What to abide by? What not to?

on Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:24 pm
During the past days many players were questioning what is considered acceptable in the server and what is not. To finalize the questioning and put an end to that problem,
First, you need to start by understanding what abuse means:
The frequent use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse.
The frequent use (something) in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose.

As you most likely realize that there is a word in common. Frequent. In case you have no idea what frequent means, it means that the current abuse took place more than once. But still, this depends on the nature of the bug/glitch that is abused.
After the release of the latest version of SA:MP, many players started to discover glitches that players can do in order to gain advantage over others by abusing these glitches. The following will be a general explanation to every glitch that is to be discovered or abused currently or later on;

- Cbugging with any weapon, for whatever reason, in the normal world is forbidden. I do not want to go deep into cbugging because there are many styles and ways of cbugging, but generally it is not allowed.
- Abusing any weapon glitch, in the normal world is forbidden. Weapon glitches never end; snipers, M4s, Deagles and many more weapons can be mastered by abusing them. Any abnormal firing rate, fast switching, abnormal control over the weapon, invalid damage amount is forbidden.
- Abusing any character action that gives you any advantage over others is forbidden. This includes rolling, anim abuse while firing to fast switch or (in theory) make you invulnerable is not allowed.

Generally, any abuse that gives you advantage over other players and is not of what the standard game allows is forbidden. Some people may lack common sense, and question every abuse they find to be explained; we do not have time to explain every glitch out there. If you have a brain, use it and judge whether this is allowed or not. If you don't, then its our job here to enforce it so don't cry if you got punished to something you did and "thought" that is allowed.
Tip: Play normally, keep a recording of your gameplay, get a trimming software, create a YouTube account and report the abusers.

WsW Administrator.

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