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WSW forum rules Empty WSW forum rules

on Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:16 pm
General Forum Rules
Do NOT duplicate topics, in other words if you have opened a topic around any subject, do not start another one for the same reason.
Use a proper thread subjects.
Do NOT abuse forum PM's, which include spamming/flaming/disrespect/etc..
Do NOT insult, curse at, tease, or make offensive comments towards other members.
Do NOT double post, there is an edit button ([Image: K2vUTFz.png]) for a reason, use it.
No racism or any other forms of discrimination, including hate speech or provocative comments towards ethnics, nations, gender or sexual orientation or religion. This will lead to an immediate forum ban.
Do NOT create alternate or multiple accounts.
Illegal content is strictly prohibited! Which includes warez, illegal materials or pornography.
Do NOT bump old topics for no reason, Unless you have something necessary to add.
Post in the right forum section. We have different sections for a reason.
Do NOT advertise. This isn't a place for you to share external links (that may be counted as adv content).
Avatars/signatures/names that may be confused with official staff members are NOT allowed.
Do NOT share anyone's private information without their permission.
Some boards have specific rules about posting and replying. Not following these rules will result in a forums warning/ban.
No backseat moderation. Let the admins do their proper job. Report posts if necessary, but do not abuse the feature.
Do NOT argue with admins. If you have any complaint on the work they are doing send them a private message or send OWNERS a complaint by PM.
Search before posting! This is important, search for the topic before you thread anything.
Signatures And Avatars
Signatures can be a maximum of 300px high. For those of you who have no idea how much that is:
As you can see, that's still plenty of space.
Do NOT fill your signature with crap. If anyone decides to abuse the signature feature, his/hers will be deleted, and a warning issued.
Do NOT place any explicit material in your avatars/signatures. This will lead to an immediate forum ban.
Reporting Users/Spam Threads
Do NOT reply to spambots threads. Just hit the report button ([Image: zfFj51l.png]), flag it as spam and move on.
If you notice a forum member who is breaking the above forum rules, please hit the report button.
Do NOT reply to any thread in which a rule violation is going on.

All content posted is the responsibility of the user who posted it.
These rules may change at any time.
Staff members may enforce the rules in any way they see fit. So please stay updated.
Forum rules may apply at any level, use common sense!
Always remember
                       follow the rules
                       respect every member
                       post right thread in right section

Thank you!
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